Monday, February 11, 2013

Antiqued Paris Trunk

Jim bartered (with the guy who made it) for this cedar camel-back trunk years ago. For a long time it sat in its naked cedar-y state storing odds and ends in our former house. When we moved, I put a quick glaze on it and used it for a while, then tried to sell it in a shop. It didn't sell, so it has languished in the garage for the past few years under a pile of stuff.

Periodically I donate things to charity auctions, and when one came up I decided to donate the trunk. But of course I had to mess with it first...

This is how it turned out.

Above: cedar trunk, after.

Below: cedar trunk before. (Note the lack of cargo handles.) The front handle is off an old suitcase I found at the side of the road on garbage day.
This is the trunk with the glaze coat it had for several years.

Some 'in progress' pictures:
The shiny cargo handles

The cargo handles after black primer

Cargo handles after foil, glaze and sealer

The front before the Paris graphic. 
You can see the wide 'strapping' I added to the sides of the top.

The tack template and the first of 360+ tacks going in.

I found some burlap printed with a Parisian motif for the top tray.

And here's the finished product with the wide and narrow strapping, tacks, cargo handles, and new/old finish.

It was in the silent auction and fetched $150. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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