Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Circle Ceiling

Ceilings are so cool - when they're all finished and my neck has recovered!

This is one of several projects in this lovely home. It started out as a silver ceiling, but the fabric chosen for the curtains (not up yet) has black and gold, so the ceiling got a metallic silver and gold background with this Sheri Zeman Loft 101 stencil. It looks sort of like bubbles. I love this line of stencils and can't wait to have an excuse to use more of them!

Gravity is not my friend when stenciling a ceiling, so fortunately I had help putting this up.(Thank you Jeannine!) I thought it would take two of us about three hours. We were there until 8:15 PM. Fortunately the clients were in Hawaii for Thanksgiving.

The stencil is square. The ceiling is round. It didn't line up completely which meant we had to finesse the 'bubbles' a lot. But it was completely worth it. And wearing a collar to support my neck is the only way to go. (Thank you Lessa!)

Here is my trusty helper, Jeannine. The pictures are all courtesy of her phone.
 And here is the finished ceiling.

It was a hit!! The clients and the decorator loved it which is all that's really important.

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