Sunday, May 8, 2011

Decorative Artisan of the Month!

Here it is! The interview (click here) I did for Kathy Carroll's company Faux by Kathy. The finish at the top of her home page this month is mine as well. If you ever need ANYTHING in the way of decorative painting supplies Kathy most likely has it.

[In acceptance-speech Oscar mode] Thank you to my family (best on earth), and  to graphic designer/photographer Wil Randolph, decorator Joyce Weir, decorator Anne Steward, and all of the lovely clients I've had the privilege of working with (you know who you are)!

The Rest of the Kitchen

So the sagey cabinets were such a hit that I got to do the rest of the kitchen. I just finished last week and it was so much fun. The client AND the decorator both loved the way it turned out and that made me a happy camper!!

I did this job with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint which I got from Anne Skougard in California, but now her daughter Kellyanne ( ) will be selling it up here in the Northwest. Yay! (If you're interested in the colors I used or how I applied it - 3.25 qts for 60 linear feet of cabinets including the island - leave me a comment.)

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a great product that doesn't need primer. Also not supposed to require sanding but I did clean the cabinets with Simple Green (lemon, don't like the smell of the green one) and a sanding sponge.

Here are the befores:

And here are the afters:
And this is looking toward the sagey cabinets. If you look closely you can see the stripes I did in the entry/hallway.
 There's also a huge island just out of camera range that's the same as the white cabinets with a bit darker glaze.

Here's what Anne Steward, the decorator on this project, said, "You did one of my most favorite jobs for Sue J. - it just lightened up and "woke up" that kitchen!!   Such an amazing transformation....LOVE IT!!  Now I want to be there because it's so bright and inviting..really is beautiful.  Such a great joy - thank you so much.  She's so excited, and she loves her new hardware...her house is really coming along."

I get to have too much fun in this job! On to Las Cruces, New Mexico to do a couple of jobs and have some R&R. Rumor has it there's sun there. Here in the solar-deprived Northwest it's hard to imagine actually being warm and dry...