Thursday, November 7, 2013

Update: 'After' Shots of an Art Installation and Chair

I've completely revamped this post from November 7, 2013, with the 'after' pictures.

Here's a picture of the finished chair with the gold leaf legs. I just got to see it yesterday.

Below is the chair from the original post, 'before,' upside down with the upholstery off. (The birdhouses - eleven of them - were a hit for a house I decorated at Christmas.)

And this is the installation of the 24" x 80" art piece I did above the fireplace in the same room as the chair. (My trusty helper/daughter, Lessa and I also did the finish on the 14 foot high wall behind that piece. She did the very tall bits at the top of the ladder. I'm kind of a heights-wimp.) There is a two story window wall just opposite this which is why the picture is so washed out, no matter what editing I did. A night time shot might be better...

Below is the panel standing in a doorway. Gives you a better idea of the size.

And this is a closer picture of a test panel before I put the metallic in the center. Lots of texture in this!

Now I'm bidding on some projects in the same house. One of them involves stenciling three 15 foot high pillars in the pool room. Here's a picture I took yesterday.

And a view with the side of the pool. (We'll be watching the ladder legs closely so we don't inadvertently go swimming.)

The original post had the concrete counter, but sorry, no pics of it installed, I've never seen it. :(

Sometimes I don't get closure!
Concrete counter finished, waiting for sealer which will deepen the color.

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