Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Learning to blog

So I took the big plunge into blogland. Now all I have to do is get smart about how all this works. Or not.

Here's a trial run at posting pics. Pretty easy, really!

This is a ceiling in a powder room. Venetian Plaster with gold foil and a lovely Melanie Royals stencil. Good thing it was small. Did you know that you can't tape into foil? (It comes off in tape-shaped voids. Unless you seal the foil first and wait yet another day to do the stencil.) So how do you get the stencil to stay on the ceiling? Pushpins. And you call Lessa to help. Eyes on the ground are such a godsend.


  1. Love it. Great first post! Too bad it took a puking dog to get you to do it, though. Hope Gage is better. Hey, Puddletown signed Kathy Nelson yesterday. A delightful middle grades book with her own illustrations. It was so fun to see her after all these years.

  2. Beautiful work. I'd like to consider this a background option for some of the fashion photography projects coming up.