Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Rest of the Kitchen

So the sagey cabinets were such a hit that I got to do the rest of the kitchen. I just finished last week and it was so much fun. The client AND the decorator both loved the way it turned out and that made me a happy camper!!

I did this job with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint which I got from Anne Skougard in California, but now her daughter Kellyanne ( ) will be selling it up here in the Northwest. Yay! (If you're interested in the colors I used or how I applied it - 3.25 qts for 60 linear feet of cabinets including the island - leave me a comment.)

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a great product that doesn't need primer. Also not supposed to require sanding but I did clean the cabinets with Simple Green (lemon, don't like the smell of the green one) and a sanding sponge.

Here are the befores:

And here are the afters:
And this is looking toward the sagey cabinets. If you look closely you can see the stripes I did in the entry/hallway.
 There's also a huge island just out of camera range that's the same as the white cabinets with a bit darker glaze.

Here's what Anne Steward, the decorator on this project, said, "You did one of my most favorite jobs for Sue J. - it just lightened up and "woke up" that kitchen!!   Such an amazing transformation....LOVE IT!!  Now I want to be there because it's so bright and inviting..really is beautiful.  Such a great joy - thank you so much.  She's so excited, and she loves her new hardware...her house is really coming along."

I get to have too much fun in this job! On to Las Cruces, New Mexico to do a couple of jobs and have some R&R. Rumor has it there's sun there. Here in the solar-deprived Northwest it's hard to imagine actually being warm and dry...

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  1. Hi Kay, Great job! I am looking forward to trying out Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and may go out to a workshop Anna Sadler is hosting in AZ in August. I do not think there are any distributors in the Northeast. Everyone seems to love it.