Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Victoria, B.C.and Ziplines

We just got back from a trip to Victoria. Doubly nice because the weather there was lovely while back home in the Puget Sound area it continued to rain.

Victoria is a perfect place to do what we love to do on vacation: eat, shop, eat,  look at art, and eat. You'll have noticed a theme here, so we walk a lot, which we also like to do. And this time my lovely, adventurous husband found us ziplines!!

If you have not been on a zipline you have missed out on one of life's coolest adrenaline rushes. Of the four of us (husband, sister, brother-in-law, me) I was the only one who had not jumped out of an airplane, so I can't tell you how it compares to that adrenaline-charged 'sport.' I can tell you that it is a TON of fun. And I am known for being the wimp in my family.

We've looked into it before, in Hawaii, but this is the first time it was affordable. (Go here for the whole story on Adrena Line in Sooke Harbor, B.C.) There are 8 ziplines and a couple of suspension bridges and it is amazing. On about the 6th line when you really have it down you go through a photo op. Here is my photo:
And here is Jim's:
Now, my husband is a pilot, and among other things he likes to go upside down just about any time he gets the chance. He did not intend to have the line twist in this particular direction to the camera, but really - it's perfect.

Oh, and the oldest person Adrena Line has zipped? 94. He apparently had to go tandem with a guide, but he went!

More later on Victoria with loads of cool pics of places and stuff.


  1. I have jumped out of a plane but this seems like a ton of fun. I look forward to seeing more pics.

  2. I shall always treasure this view of Jim. There used to be a zipline on some old dude's property in the woods on the hills in the backwoods of PDX. To stop, you had to run into some old tires nailed to a tree. Great fun trying to get your feet to hit the tires before your face.