Thursday, March 8, 2012

Upscale Laundry Room

I had so much fun in this laundry room. It belongs to Joyce Weir, a decorator I work with. Her house is just what you'd expect from a decorator, and I get to contribute. Lucky me!!

Although it's a laundry room, this is the entrance they use and it's the passage to the upstairs office, so it gets a lot of traffic.

The finish is an Anthropologie-type, distressed.. Unfortunately the pictures really don't do it justice. Not bad for Droid photos, though. Someday I'll invest in a real camera...

This is after:

 The counter was white Formica. It's now black concrete.

 This is before:
 The cabinets were pinkish wood. I'm not sure why they look yellow in this picture and white in the next one.
 You can just see the lip of the white Formica counter.

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  1. "Someday I'll invest in a real camera..." Or you could just call a photographer :) Excellent work as always Kay.

  2. Amazing cabinets! I am getting ready to embark on distressing a kitchen and 2 bathrooms over the summer….yikes. Still picking out the colors. Thanks for visiting Shabby Sweet Tea. I actually went and opened my can of wax to see how bad the smell is. I detect no odor from the paint but there is a little in the wax. To me, it is so much less than Minwax or other brands. Sorry it gives you such a bad headache. I’ve had no problems with it. Happy painting!

  3. Because you found me (Zoom In) via Helen at Stencil Library, I now have found you. In my younger days I did my share of decorative finishes and really enjoyed it. Now I can just enjoy your blog and the finishes you are doing. I still do furniture but I know ceilings are a thing of the past for me. I look forward to following your work.