Friday, October 19, 2012

Old Trunk


Someone had long ago painted it light green enamel over the original olive and black and had painted the hardware a pinky-bronze color. (Forgive the tape, I typically forget the before pictures until I'm into the project - or finished...)


Original finish on the back

I cleaned it up, eliminated the spider nursery, sanded it a little and hit it with a couple coats of Annie Sloan Old White. 
 Then I lightly waxed it a few times and distressed it with Modern Masters Furniture glaze (LOVE that stuff) mixed with some MM Tobacco, and a little Van Dyke for dirt. The metal of the trunk is wrinkled in lots of places which makes the finish even cooler.

The hardware is a beautiful dull silver foil with a brown crinkle running through it, also distressed a bit with the Tobacco color. I had a bunch because I used it on a powder room ceiling. Small ceiling = lots of foil left over.
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  1. That looks great! I love the contrast of the lighter color with the hardware.

  2. I want this trunk. It looks fantastic. Excellent work as always.