Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Copper Panels

Before Christmas I finished these three large copper panels. Well, they're not really copper, but they look like copper. Last weekend they were installed in the client's home. In a two story stairwell. (The last panel and part of the middle one  are over the stairway going down to the second level.) You see the panels from the second level living room. Fortunately we had an installer who isn't leery of heights.

This is a detail of the graphics, which are black glass and German glass glitter in copper and gold tones.

From another angle in the living room (with my husband in the mirror). That mirror is also reflecting the Mother of All Cork Wreaths (posted here) which hangs across the room from these panels. If you enlarge this you can see the detail of the graphics better.

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  1. What a gorgeous screen. You are so very talented. I wish you lived in my city!!!!

  2. Beautiful screen and so many good ideas on this blog. Found you via "Advanced Style".